August 20, 2011

Not a Knitter!

A while back, a friend wanted to trade crafty skills. I taught her the basics of crocheting, and she returned the favor by giving me a few pointers in knitting. After tinkering with this new craft for a few weeks and heavily consulting this very useful website:, I've got the basics down. ......and I decided I don't like it! There's not many crafts out there I don't enjoy, but knitting is on that list, I hate to say. It's not unbearable, but it's rather annoying, having learned crochet first. Knitting jsut seems so slow, tedious, and fickle. Projects take entirely too long to grow and finish. It's very easy to make mistakes (where did that stitch go???), and frogging back to repair a mistake or add in a forgotten stitch is a headache. I decided I have to knit something, just to say and prove that I can do it. But I'm looking forward to being done with it! I settled on this pattern from ravelry:, and I'm using Red Heart Super Savers yarn in Real Teal. Love the color, even though it'll be fairly scratchy for a scarf. Not sure what else to make with the yarn, and at least the color will make me a little happier while I create my one-and-only knit project.

Here we go!

At the behest of my friends, I've finally gotten around to making a craft blog! Here you will find a myriad of crafting genres and techniques--some even a bit unorthodox. (The metal bit from windshield wiper blades makes a great casing needle!) My hope is that my friends can keep tabs on what mischief I'm getting myself into at the moment, and that anyone can learn from my posts and improve their own crafting skills. My appologies in advance if I pass along the disease of craftaholism! The problem with being a craftaholic is that you can never stop crafting!!!

Things to keep in mind about this blog: I have never been very good about keeping up with things like this. Diaries, journals, LiveJournal accounts, etc--I just can't seem to remember or find time to post things. Hopefully, as I am nearing the end of my long Grad school career (Yay!), I will have time to craft *and* post about it!

Comments and suggestions for my crafting adventures and for the blog itself are greatly welcomed! Hope you will be hearing from me often! :)