April 8, 2012

Crafting & real life: the great balancing act

So the practice is starting to pick up a bit! Yay! I had several new patients last week, and so far, at least a few more scheduled for this coming week. Hooray! I'm so far behind in administrative tasks, though, that it's not even funny. I'm headed into the office for a couple of hours today (Sunday) to see if I can put a small dent in some of the paperwork. My work to-do list is literally over 1 page, typed in 11 point font. And that's not counting the personal life to-do list. I need about 5 more me's and an extra 10 hours added to each day, preferrably ones I can stay conscious during.

On the apartment fiasco, the carpeting and pad in the bedroom have been replaced. Of course, the apartment complex has yet to do anything to prevent the water from just coming in again and ruining the new carpet just like the old one was. *sigh* I was told by the office manager that she's going to have a contractor out sometime to see where the water pools outside and quote her a price for putting in a drainage system. I've tried to reach her a couple times since hearing this, to see where we stand on the situaiton and if, indeed, anything is actually going to be done to fix the problem, but she has yet to respond, and it's been over a week.  Currently, there are flags out and paint sprayed on the ground marking the electric lines outside our apartment and across the parking lots to some of the other buildings. Water lines have also been marked across the parking lot. A hole has been dug a little way away from our apartment, but there's no indication what it's for, and I know it's not where the water pools. I can only hope this is the early stage of the drainage system project, but who knows. I just keep hoping to avoid any major downfalls of rain, or several days in a row of rain. The new carpet is nice. I'd like to keep it that way!

Crafting has been resumed, but it's not my idea. Anime convention season is quickly approaching, with the first major con being April 27th. Here's the costumes Brian decided we'll be making & wearing this year:
Nightmare, from Soul Caliber V:  http://images.wikia.com/soulcalibur/images/1/18/Nightmare_Soul_Calibur_V.jpg
Pryha Omega, from Soul Caliber V: http://www.videogamesblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/soul-calibur-5-pyrrha-omega-artwork-646x597.jpg
I told Brian multiple times that I wasn't going to have time to work on these costumes. Turns out I actually don't have the time, energy, or patience for them, either. He still refuses to man-down on these, though. And due to the time-crunch, he has them at the top of his priority list. They're far from even on my radar as far as my priorities go, but I'll be plugging away at them as best I can. We do what we can to keep the peace in our relationships, right? Here's hoping we get these costumes done, and done well enough that the fiance doesn't whine the whole time at the conventions. And that I don't die of exhaustion or depression in the meantime.