January 11, 2013


Aaaaand it's Friday! I'm not as excited as most would be though. Every other Friday morning, I have a phone meeting with my business building coach. I always dread those calls, especially when things are slow at the office. He always expects that I can get so much more done than I ever do. Maybe it's the strange time vortex I seem to exist in, where everything I do takes three times as long as it would take anyone else. Maybe it's my irrational hesitation at the unknown & in the face of things that terrify me, like a lot of marketing ideas do. Either way, there's a half hour of sweating & frustration coming up this morning. I always leave myself some time after the call to calm down & get my head back on straight before I'll see any patients.

Yesterday was my birthday. It was fairly meh for the most part, and the weather was dreary, damp, & dark, but there were still some highlights. :) Went out to lunch with a friend & the hubby. Got lots of hello's on Facebook, including a very sweet sentiment from my dad. My dad stopped by the office on his way home & brought me Captain D's for dinner, which I haven't had in ages. We used to go to Red Lobster for my birthday a lot, but we weren't able to this year. He knew I'd be stuck at the office all evening, & he wanted to treat me to dinner both as a birthday treat & in case I didn't have time for dinner otherwise. That ended up working great, because my evening patients shuffled their appointments around, so I actually did get stuck at the office too late to have grabbed any dinner before dance practice. The shuffle also gave me time to sit down with my dad & have a lovely time just catching up. My life's been so helter-skelter that I haven't had much time to just chat. Can you tell I'm a daddy's girl? ^_~ The dance ladies got me a sweet birthday card. And when I got home, I discovered the hubby had forgotten his promise NOT to get me a bday present. He bought me way too many exensive things on the ski trip, & he has an ammended speeding ticket to pay for. We're not exactly comfortable financially, so he promised he would treat the ski trip items as my early bday presents. But he got me something anyway. A shiny new Microsoft Surface! Eeeep!!! I've been looking at getting a tablet for the office, and mentioned the Surface at one point. My techie friend & colleague further convinced him it's what I need. So poof! I has a new toy! :D Super happy! Even though he really shouldn't have spent so much money on me! I need to call my accountant today & figure out if/how I can classify it as a business expense, since I'll be using it for work, & make it a tax write-off. I figured I might have to return it & buy it back again, this time with the business's debit card so the money trail looks right, but I'm not sure. Just in case, I kept it in the box, even though I really wanted to play with it!

My knee is healing still. The Kinesiotape is working and has greatly reduced the amount of bruising. I think the swelling has gone down some, too, but it's hard for me to tell. Another reason I know the KTape is working: I'm getting sick. I didn't expect that one! Makes sense, though. Now that all the guck from the injury (blood, other fluid, dead cells, etc) is draining out of my knee finally, it's getting into my lymphatic system. My body's now having to deal with getting all that mess flushed out, & is likely neglecting my immune system a bit. Ah well. I'll live. :)

In crafty news, I'm still looking for a tatted jewelry set pattern. I'm just not really feeling the free ones I found. I may peruse etsy later & see what patterns are availabe for purchase. I was also very happy to discover that my favorite tatter, TotusMel, took my suggestion for where her newest design could go in overall design. :)

Today: work up stats & a marketing calendar before my coaching call this morning. Call my accountant to figure out the write off issue & just to ask in general what the heck I need to start putting together for him so we can do my taxes. See if there are any more appeals I need to make with insurance companies. And the day will probably wrap up much more pleasantly than it will begin: with a belated bday dinner at our favorite sushi spot & maybe a bit of tatting. :)

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