January 10, 2013

Birthday! Meh.

It's my day of birth. Horray! Meh. Kinda not feeling it this year. I guess all the craziness & responsibility of running a business (especially with no business training) has turned me into a boring old lady. I was hoping to sleep in today, since I don't have any patients til 11:30. Then I realized last night that I have a zillion admin tasks that *must* get done today, so I set the alarm once again for 5:30. And like a repeat of Tuesday, I kept hitting the snooze til 7, snuggling with the hubby. Oh well.

Yesterday was a bit odd. My one patient of the day didn't show. But that meant I had time to have lunch at home with my man. As I left the apartment, I heard a guy from a moving company upstairs telling his buddy, "Man, I need a chiropractor! Or a new back!" I happily got out of my car, went up to him, told him I could help, & gave him my card. His buddy asked for one too. Let's hope that chance encounter turns into some new patients! Got my knee worked on, complete with a healthy application of KinesioTape to help the swelling drain. I'm loving the KTape! Still waiting to see the swelling go down, but the bruising is looking better, & it hurt less to walk. Though when my man got home, he was very surprised to see a big blue octopus-looking thing on my leg. Got a call from the office during lunch that a patient was going to bring in his son as a new patient for me later that day. Woot! About an hour later, he cancelled, saying his son didn't want to come in & his dad was unable to convince him. Boo. So yesterday was another no-patient day. Those kinda suck. But I was able to spend the rest of the afternoon in my lounge pants on the couch at home with the snuggly kitty, looking at tatting patterns while listening to my training audios in an empty house (for some reason, I hate listening to them when anyone else is around). My knee was pretty happy about that.

Le kitty, Tali. Aka Queen Sheba Tali-kat.

Our artist friend, Radiant Grey, made a mash-up of Tali & Tard, The Grumpy Cat.

Had a dinner of buffalo jerky & a smoothie, then headed out to do a dance demonstration. Happily, my knee held up just fine while dancing, though it was a bit grumbly afterward. After I got home, it was more audios while I played litchen tetris, trying to make my new set of dishes I got for Christmas fit in my teeny tiny kitchen. Made it work, finally, & I managed to consolidate to two different dish sets, service for 4 each. We've had quite the mismatched pile of dishes forever, like 6 or 7 different patterns & types, so it's nice to look in the cabinets & see things that match, mostly. Eventually I'll order another set of the new dishes & swap them out with the old set that's still here.

Today's agenda: Pay bills, make up my marketing calendar, maybe some more audios, compile my office stats from last month, & send them to my business building coach before our phone meeting tomorrow. I never look forward to those things. >_< I'll also be contemplating on tatting patterns for the silent auction. I think I'll call it done on looking for patterns. Didn't find anything that made me want to jump right up & start making it, but I found some that I think look nice. Just need to narrow it down now. To celebrate the BDay, I'll treat myself to some Bread Co for breakfast, a friend is taking me out to Bread Co for lunch (hey, it's yummy!), & I'll probably splurge on a Java Chip Frappucino at Starbucks after dance class tonight. Probably won't be home to see my man again til 10pm. Lame.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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