January 18, 2013


Yesterday started too early to get blog post in. Had a networking meeting at 7:30, then went straight from there to an all-day business building seminar, where I had some great light-bulb moments, good insight, & ideas on ventures to get new patients that I need to implement asap. And homework. Need to go through the notes again this weekend, before I forget what we talked about. If I don't do it before Sunday's over, I know I'll never get to it, & it'll become shelf-help.

I realized yesterday that the yellow fuzzy scarf wasn't actually eating up that much yarn, & was working up to be lighter weight than I preferred. Fuzzy scarves should be WARM, dammit! So I frogged it & started over, this time doubling the yarn. I only got an inch or two in length reworked, but I'm liking the thickness better. It's coming out wider than I prefer, but I'm not going to worry about that.

I want to get caught up on Jane Eborall's tat-along project. Linky link. If you're not familiar with a craft-along, here's how it works. Jane maked up a tatting pattern. She'll release it, but in small bits over a period of time. No one has any idea what the pattern will look like when it's done, & we can send her our progress pictures & guesses if we'd like her to post them to her blog. It's free & fun & feeds the craft monster that's been raging out lately. I've only finished day 1. Looked up how to do a new-to-me technique so I can do day 2. There's a simpler option to the pattern, but I like to learn new things, and the technique in question prevents me from having to cut strings & hide ends as often. I hate working in ends! In any project! Pictures of the tatting later, hopefully tomorrow.

On tap today: a business mastermind meeting this morning with the same coach as yesterday (I adore her. Different coach than the one that I have the calls with), another checkup on my knee, a handful of patients, & a kareoke birthday bash for a friend. For crafting, I'm setting my sights on the tat-along & working on the scarf some more. I also need to plot my attack on the tassel belt I mentioned a while back. Less than 2 weeks before I need that!

It's Friday, baby!

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