January 15, 2013


Today is a ghost town at the office. No patients on the books at all. Hopefully that will translate to me getting a lot accomplished. A couple projects I could/should work on include getting my stats completed & sent off to my business coach (yep, still haven't done that yet), making up a list of patients that dropped off the grid & I'd like to reactivate, track insurance claims & payments, & do an accounts receiveable cleanup (figure out what money is still owed me, & what I'm stuck wih having to write off because I let it go too long). All are big projects, so I don't expect to get more than one finished, but we'll see. Still need to see about how to block facebook on my work laptop. That would definitely help my productivity!

Yesterday, my last patient was running very late. I didn't mind a whole lot. He felt bad though, especially since this isn't the first time he's run late, so he offered as appology to be my technical consultant. Works for me! I'm very non-techy. He heads a departent or two at Charter. Writes web pages for them, etc. He said he'll do some research over the next couple weeks to see how we can get the office set up to do email & text message appointment reminders. That's been on my list for a while, but I haven't gotten around to it. Hoping this works out! :)

I hung out with a couple friends last night. We meant to craft, but ended up chatting with each other & one friend's family members all night, which was just as pleasant. Though we got no crafting done, I did go home with a huge bag filled with yarn from one friend who's downsizing homes. The other friend saw some eyelash yarn she liked and asked me to make her a scarf from it one of these days. The craft bug keeps biting! :)

Today, the husband is planning to talk to his boss about the issues he's having with her & the office. He's reached his breaking point with frustration there. I feel for him, & hope it goes well. He can tend to be rather condescending & verges on yelling when he gets aggitated, though, so hopefully he can keep the rage-monster in check! We're both praying he doesn't get fired for letting his boss know all the major problems he's having with how things are being done there. He needs his sanity, but we also need his paycheck to pay the bills. We'll see how things go in the next 9 hours or so.

I have no crafty pictures for you, so enjoy the Tali-cat!

An interesting Tuesday...

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