January 14, 2013

Weekend wrap-up

Oy. Didn't get around to posting over the weekend. There goes my perfect attendance reward, lol. Friday's call with the business coach wasn't too aweful, but I still really need to get marketing & new patient inflow figured out. Friday evening, the hubby & I had a lovely dinner at our favorite sushi place. We even treated our cat to a small piece of sushi fish when we got home. She was VERY happy about that! Saturday morning was spent crafting at a friend's house. I finished up a couple more pending hummingbirds & worked in the ends on a few small crocheted & tatted pieces. I greatly dislike working in ends, but it must be done. These pieces aren't needed for anything at the moment, but I like to keep these little bits around just in case I need a little doodad at some point. Saturday afternoon was spent playing with my new tablet & figuring it out. I'm very non-techno-savvy. I don't even have a smart phone. (I LIKE my flip phone, thank you!) But I'm liking the tablet quite a bit. After the hubby got jome from capoeira class, he asked if I'd like to have some friends over for a belated bday celebration. Sounded good, so we called everybody & I spent the rest of my day cleaning before people got here. And by cleaning, I my clearing the clutter out of the living room & transferring it to other areas. My office/craft room (the croffice) is now a complete disaster zone. >_< But a grand time was had with the friends. After they left, I syayed up entirely too late playing on the tablet & trying to figure out the best configuration for the tassels I made an eternity ago for a dance tassel belt. The sickness gripped me pretty tight at the end of the night, so I popped a couple nyquil so I could breathe & sleep & stop hacking up a lung.

Sunday. Oh Sunday. We we supposed to meet my parents back in my hometown for a birthday breakfast with them at 9:30. I wake up to my mom calling my phone at 10, asking if we were still coming. Yikes! Aparently the nyquill knocked me out so hard that I didn't notice I'd turned off my alarm when it went off & rolled back over. The man & I flew out of bed & out the door to meet my parents at their house instead, for gifting, to take things over there we don't need at the apartment, & to retrieve things we do need that we've been storing over there. A quick visit & we were flying out the door again, getting to our weekly D&D game about 15 minutes late. My sickness had me pretty floored, so I'm not sure what happened in the game, but I'm pretty sure we were awesome. Got home & collapsed on the couch watching a few eps of Spartacus.

Today, I'm feeling much more in the land of the living. I've blogged too long again, though, so I'll be flying out the door again. I sense a pattern here. Have another appointment for my knee, & I still need to get my stats compiled & sent to my biz coach. Crafting tonight with a friend who needs some distraction. Happy Monday!

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