February 8, 2013

Nerdy + Crafty = Art!

It's been a while since I've blogged! Life tends to come up, it seems. I'm currently working through some business challenges, but I'm on my way to turning things towards greener pastures! :)

In the crafty world, I'm still working on the knitted yellow scarf. It's about a foot long now. Wish I had made it narrower, so it would grow faster, but I'm not frogging it again. (Yes, I know, it started out too narrow to begin with. Oh well. When it comes to big, fluffy, fuzzy scarves, too big is always better than too thin!)

I got my tassel belt to be wearable. It turned out really great! I still have some banjara fabric to add to it, but that project is on hold at the moment. Pictures to come!

I've been up to some tatting as well. I made a gift for my friend's housewarming party. She's kinda geeky, & likes pretty things. I found a tatting pattern for Anne Bruvold's Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon. Asked my friend what colors she'd like for her mysery gift, and she replied blue, green, or gold.

(There's that banjara fabric on the table, waiting to be put on the tassel belt.)

I tatted this up on needles, with DMC Perle Cotton size 5, in a variegated green/yellow, & set it in an 8 x 10 frame backed w/ sparkly midnight blue scrapbooking paper. The dragon isn't mounted to the backing, so if she wants to take it out & sew it to a bag or something, she can. Gotta say, I really liked working with Perle cotton! Very nice thread! A little rough on the hands, but the lace it makes looks fantastic! And it's available in a wide variety of pretty colors. For the dragon, I'll probably stick to the variegated colorways Perle has. If you're going to tat with Perle, though, wind it on an embroidery thread bobbin first (little flat cardstock looking thing) to keep it from tangling as you work.

Ok, off to the office to be a business building badass! TGIF!