March 18, 2013

Will Film for Corsets!

My favorite corsetier, Generations of Art, posted a contest on Facebook to create the best video tutorial on how to lace a corset using her Lock Lacing method, so that she can link her customers to it. I love the corset she made for my wedding, so I had to jump on this chance! :) I'm not an "off-the-rack" shaped lady, so I'm so happy to have found a corset maker that I can walk right up to at many of the anime conventions we attend each year, get custom measurements, and order specific fabrics. Also, all of her corsets are very high quality, with great, strong fabrics and spiral steel boning throughout, and they're all FULLY REVERSIBLE!!! Seriously, check her out!

So here's the little tutorial I made for the contest.

And I won! Woot! Totally makes the time spent on multiple takes, and the blisters my fingers endured from those takes, totally worth it!

My prize: $100 credit toward a custom corset of my choosing! :D Would've completely covered a cincher, but I've been drooling over the Suzi style for a long while now. It's an adorable, 50's/rockability style corset dress. And oh yeah, it's reversible too!

Got my shiny new corset dress ordered & new measurements taken over the weekend while at Naka Kon. Should be here in a month or so. *happy dance*

Now I'm curious, any interest out there for a video tutorial on how to straight lace? Good for those corsets that are a smidge too loose.


  1. So I clicked your link, wanting to see your tutorial, but it took me to the video of another long hair who wears corsetry, Lucy. I think the link you shared was meant to be

    1. Oh gosh! Thank you so much for pointing that out! How on earth did I miss that goof? And somehow I missed your comment until just now, too. Technology is evil. But I fixed the link for future visitors. Thanks again!!! <3