July 10, 2013

Catnip Cake

My latest crafty endeavor was a gift for my Maine Coon cat, Tali! Her birthday is on the Fourth of July. This year, she turned four. The fur-kid is a bit spoiled, I suppose, seeing as I like to do a little something for her for each birthday. In the past, it's been a new toy, but funds are tight and the urge to create things has been strong lately, so I decided I'd stash bust and make her a toy this year.

I tried to free hand this one, making the pattern up as I went, but it just wasn't turning out right. So, Ravelry to the rescue again! Here's the pattern I worked up.

I used a 2.25mm hook, purple worsted weight yarn, mint worsted weight yarn, & pink fingering weight yarn.

Bottom tier is supposed to be one row higher, but I goofed when reading the pattern. Oh well. I like how mine turned out better. :)

Flowers were made as follows:
Make a magic ring. * Ch3, sl st inside ring. Rep from * for a total of 5 petals. Sl st in very 1st ch. Pull magic ring closed. Weave in ends to connect first & last flower petals.

The flowers & cake tiers were securely sewn & tied to prolong the life of the toy & ensure kitty safety. (Can't have those flowers coming off & getting eaten!)

Cake was stuffed with scrap yarn (yay stash busting!) and LOTS of catnip!!!

Tali loved her new toy & mauled it immediately. :D

So, yeah. I crocheted a cake. For my cat. For her birthday. My Crazy Cat Lady Membership Card should arrive in the mail any day now. ;)