January 5, 2014

Fine As Findley Cardigan

I started this cardigan back in the Spring of 2013, intending to wear it that summer. Yeeeeaaaahhh..... that didn't happen, lol! Who knew working with laceweight thread would take so long? ;)

Unfortunately for me, the shaping of this garment was all wrong for me & how I like my clothes to fit. It flares out from bust to hem, but I prefer a closer fit at the waist. I didn't realize that was how it'd work out until I was almost done with it. I could have frogged almost the whole thing & reconfigured the stitch counts to change the fit, but I just didn't think it was worth the effort at that point.

Fortunately for my friend, I offered the cardigan to her! She tried it on when it was nearly done & it looks great on her! I just had to add a few more rows to the hem, since she's taller than me. Finished that up, washed & blocked it, and now it's ready to go to its new home!

I'm a little bummed that this didn't work out for me, but very happy that someone I know loves it & will get some great use out of it! I'm a little jaded on the wearables genre & probably won't return to it for a while, though.

Read the play-by-play of this creation over on my Ravelry Project Page.


  1. Aw, too bad it didn't fit you the way you would have liked! But it's very sweet of you to give it to your friend. :) I think it looks lovely!

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Thanks! I'm glad it looks good, even if it doesn't look good on me! ;) As long as someone gets some good use out of my creations, I'm happy!