March 2, 2014

Baby Flower Hat

Here's a project I made a long time ago, but never got around to posting.

Before my niece was born, I was the lucky winner of Bonita Pattern's Crocodile Stitch Flower Hat pattern. So I stitched it up & sent it along with my parents when they went down to visit my sis when she had the baby.

This worked up very quickly, and looks pretty cute! The leaves on mine didn't end up as nice & floppy as the pattern photos show, but that's likely just a yarn weight/personal tension thing. 

My newborn niece wasn't a fan, no matter how cute she looked in this hat.

However, my sis was pretty amused by it. We have that sense of humor in common. I've threatened to make her a flower hat in her own size! ;)

The only thing I think I'd change the next time I make this pattern would be to use any color but red, as this hat tended to be mistaken for a strawberry, rather than a flower. But other than that, I was pretty pleased with this pattern!

Ravelry project link: