January 7, 2013

Stay on target...

Happy new year, everyone! Here we are again, at the first few blank pages of the 365 page book of 2013. Let's hope it's a great, uplifting, joyful read!

After catching up on the blogs I follow, I noticed soemthing person does that I'm going to try for myself as well. I'll be attempting to post every day. Not much, just a quick blurb. 20-30 minutes of typing, tops. And I'll be closing each post out with a snippet of what I plan to get accomplished that day, not so much for your entertainment, but more to keep me on target with what I truely have to get done, instead of being overwhelmed by my ever-growing to-do list.

So far, my book of 2013 has been... interesting. It started in the middle of a ski trip. Jan 1st was the best day to be on the mountain during our trip because the holiday crowds were finally gone! The hubster & I went over to a blue/black run to have some fun & get video of me "shredding the mountain" (i.e. making it down without falling), and in true +5 klutz fashion, I bit it at the very beginning of the run. Banged up my knee HARD. More on that in another post. Jan 1st also denoted my first confirmed & scheduled new patient for the year! Unfortunately, she's had to reschedule to come in much later in the month, but it's a new patient, none the less! I need those! While on the ski trip, I brought along a good selection of crafts. I used that time to pick up my shiny new tatting needles I got for Christmas, & between the book they came with & the interwebs (you MUST check out TotusMel on Instructables.com!), I learned needle tatting pretty quickly. So much faster than shuttles! And easier to correct mistakes! The only downside is that you can't work with as long of a piece of thread at one time as you can with shuttles, but adding new thread is less of a pain with needles, so it's not really that big of a downer. Back on the down side of the roller coaster, I immediately put my needle tatting skills to use, making about 40 tatted hummingbirds as memorial lapel pins for my Aunt who recently passed. (My mother's second oldest sister, & the first of that generation to pass.) Friday was our first day home from vacation, & was spent getting my knee looked at by a friend interning at one of Logan's clinics, and tatting hummingbirds into the wee hours of the morning. Most of Saturday was spent at my Aunt's funeral. Sunday was blissfully lazy; one of those "I need a vacation from my vacation" days. Slept til 11am, lunch from QDoba, D&D with friends, and an evening full of family snuggle time on the couch w/ the hubby & the Tali Cat. She's reeeeaallly happy we're home!

On tap for today: Sew a button on the hubby's dress pants. Like, now. Help a lot of patients! (Ended up with many grouped up today after being gone from the office for a week & a half.) Start checking insurance benefits on every patient, now that it's a new year, which typically means a new start to deductibles. Call insurance companies that haven't been paying me where I think they should have. Start planning a marketing calendar for the office. (Did I mention I need new patients?) Clean out the icky stuff in the fridge. Work up a meal plan for the week so I can figure up a grocery list. Trim the cat's talons claws. (Did I mention she's really happy we're home? As in, kneading me every hour? With claws digging in?) Collapse in a heap at the end of the day, wondering why I stalled & only got half of this list done, and wondering when our bags from vacation will magically unpack themselves.

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